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Here are some MOOOving thoughts regarding cattle, and such.

How much beef does it take to satisfy a nation of barbecuers on the last holiday of summer?

- So much that it would take 300 space shuttles to equal the weight of boneless beef eaten by Americans on Labor Day. (Weight of the Endeavour unloaded is 173,600.)

- So much that it would take 3,747 teams of the world champion Dallas Cowboys (based on total team weight, 13,879 pounds, 1993-94 season roster) to equal the weight of boneless beef eaten by Americans on Labor Day.

And just how much basted bovine is that?

Try 52 million pounds! (NO, DON'T!)

According to the National Cattlemen's Association (the guys who figured out all these beefy statistics), beef prices are down!

This means, folks, beef is at bargain prices this Labor Day weekend.

The cattlemen say that low beef prices mean that our "labor is buying us more; an extra reason to celebrate Labor Day."

Aunt Edna is celebrating the fact that she's not in labor on Labor Day as she was 17 years ago!


Barbara's Nature's Choice 100% Natural Cereal Bars have been showing up in local supermarkets.

Fat-free and tasty, these non-junk food bars are great for back-to-school season, the office, the laundry room or taped under the car next to the spare key.

The various flavors of fruit-filled bars fit easily into pockets, lunch sacks and mouths.


Create the easiest-ever main-dish recipes and you could win one of more than 50 prizes, including a $3,000 grand prize and two $1,000 first prizes.

Recipes must use at least one 16-ounce package of Green Giant American Mixtures or Pasta Accents frozen veggies.

Deadline is Nov. 31, 1994.

See the September/October issue of Fast and Healthy Magazine, available on newsstands through Oct. 25, for complete rules. Or send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Fast and Healthy Magazine Contest, 200 S. Sixth St. M.S. 28M7, Minneapolis, MN 55402.

Each person who enters earns a free 96-page Green Giant Cookbook.

By the way, Fast and Healthy Magazine is a Pillsbury publication and a wonderful source of recipes and cooking tips patterned for today's health-conscious, busy lifestyle. Pick up a copy and check it out.