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Stories from the Old Testament of the Bible are brought to life on four new unified image sheetlets of stamps by the South American nation of Guyana. These stamps are being released to commemorate the 1994 United Nations "Year of the Family."

The four Old Testament stories are: Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors, Daniel in the Lion's Den, Parting of the Red Sea by Moses, and the story of Ruth and Naomi.The "Joseph" sheetlet consists of six scenes as recounted in the Book of Genesis. It depicts the life of Joseph including the oft-told tale of his father giving Joseph the coat of many colors that makes his brothers jealous and thus forcing him into slavery.

The "Daniel" sheetlet features the story of the prophet Daniel who maintains his loyalty to God when he is thrown into a den of deadly lions. God sends angels to tame the lions and save Daniel.

The third sheetlet reveals Moses safely leading the Israelites through the parted waters of the Red Sea before the pursuing armies of the Egyptian pharaoh who are drowned when the waters are joined again.

The Old Testament story of Ruth and Naomi is portrayed on the fourth sheetlet. The complicated plot relates how Ruth stayed with her mother-in-law after her husband died in a famine. With Naomi's blessings, Ruth married a relative to carry on the family name and gave birth to a son who became the grandfather of King David.

Collectors may purchase any of these four Guyana sheetlets highlighting the Old Testament for $8.95 or the complete set of all four sheetlets plus free display pages for $22.95 from the Shield Stamp Co., 460 W. 34th St., New York, NY 10001. Phone 212-629-7979.

- Syd Kronish