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I would like to thank Lieutenant Governor Olene Walker publicly for performing her duties. I feel no compelling reason to be suspicious of her actions on the term-limitation petition issue. Upon hearing about the fraudulent actions of the paid petition personnel, I was reminded that there are people in the world who will take advantage of others without any regret.

I find humor in the fact that these people feel they are receiving bad publicity from the lieutenant governor's office. I find it hard to believe that this group can say it is being picked on," when its members are the ones not in compliance with the law, and the petition drive has more than enough signatures without the disqualified names.This creates my own suspicions of this group's motives. At the recent protest at the State Capitol, I didn't see an attempt to work things out when Lt. Gov. Walker came out to discuss the issue. When she tried to present her case in front of the TV news cameras, she was rudely interrupted.

My conclusion is that Walker deserves double credit. She has not only done an outstanding job as our lieutenant governor but has also be very patient with these individuals.

The petition-drive group, while trying to be portrayed as the victims, are themselves guilty of mismanagement of their own petition drive and generating their own "bad publicity."

Gary Olsen

West Jordan