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Those of you who are currently seniors in high school and are intending to play NCAA Division I or II sports need to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse to be certified for the '94-95 school year. Do this as soon as you've made the decision that you're going to participate in athletics as a college freshman.

Here's how you do it: Go to your high school guidance counselor and ask for a student-release form and a red brochure titled "Making Sure You Are Eligible to Participate in College Sports."After you fill out this form, mail the top, white copy to the clearinghouse, along with an $18 fee to the address on the form. Give your counselor the pink and yellow copies.

Then when you take your SAT or ACT, mark code 9999 so that the clearinghouse will be among the institutions that receive your scores. Your scores MUST be sent directly to the clearinghouse.

If you have any questions or can't get a form from your counselor for any reason, you can contact the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse, Box 4044, Iowa City, IA 52244, or can call (319) 337-1492.

Question: I have been going with this guy for 2 1/2 months. Everything was great until he started changing our plans. He hasn't called hardly at all. I tried explaining that it made me mad, but he has just acted mad.

What should I think? I care for him a lot and he says he cares for me. I don't understand why he's doing this. Is it a phase? Is he trying to tell me something? I'm so confused. I want to be more than just someone he has to remember to call every night.

- A 15-Year-Old in Wisconsin

Answer: From Pat and David: Since he's said he cares for you, there's a possibility that your problem may be a common difference in the way males and females approach phone calls.

It may be that he feels there's nothing new to talk about, so why not wait a couple of days to call? On the other hand, you sound like it means a lot to you just to be able to talk to him.

If this attitude difference is your problem and you expect or demand that he call you every day - he could end up feeling like he's on a leash or that he has to report in to you every day. You even said you didn't want him to feel like that.

But if your problem is that he's not calling and not wanting to spend time with you, it may be that he's simply losing interest.

In either case, don't panic, don't bug him with repeated "What's wrong?" questions, and don't try to hold on tight. You'd end up driving him away and feeling worse about yourself.

Talkback: On Wearing hats in school: My hat by choice was a cowboy hat. I wore that hat daily. Then six weeks before graduation I was informed I could no longer wear it or T-shirts that might upset someone.

I was so mad I did flip my lid and quit school.

I stand behind Jeremy 100 percent. Hats, jackets or backpacks don't disrupt teaching. If (they do), then the teacher has a problem. In some cultures hats are commonplace in public or private, and since we are a melting-pot nation, some people better beware of stepping on ethnic toes.

By the way, all my teachers but one passed me and I went to summer school where I wore my cowboy hat daily without complaints (and) graduated.

- `Fish' in Tennessee

Talkback: More on hats: I feel that hats should be allowed in schools. However, I feel that any clothing with alcohol products or foul language shouldn't be permitted.

- Josh in Illinois

Talkback: When schools enforce stricter rules, it creates a negative attitude in students. When students are faced with strict rules in high school, it is harder for them to adjust. If administrators treated students (like) adults, they would act like adults. It would help students to work with administrators, not against them, coming up with some ideas to make it more enjoyable to come to school and less dreadful.

Administrators should get students' opinions before setting such strict rules.

- Beth, Mark and Dana in Kansas

More what's up: The issue may be hats for Fish, Josh and others, but it's just a sign of what's up 'n' coming . . . uniforms for students. Last week Gov. Pete Wilson of California signed into law a bill allowing public schools to require uniforms. One possible consequence - no gang colors or symbols at school. What's your take on such a law?

Name___________ Age______ Year in school___________

I attend: Public _____ Private_____ School/City, State ________________

Requiring uniforms is a good______ bad _____ because__________________

Confidential: To T.W. in Texas: Don't give up now. Do yourself a favor and call a marriage counselor. (If cost is a concern, contact the county mental health association.)

To Amy in New York and Others: You can order "Once Can Hurt a Lifetime," the video produced by Marilyn Van Derbur, by sending $54 plus $3.50 shipping and handling to One Voice, The National Center for Redress of Incest & Sexual Abuse, 1858 Park Road N.W., Washington, DC 20010.