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Dixie Thompson accused Rep. Bill Orton of voting for "abortion, homosexuals in the military and experimentation with aborted fetal tissue" (Forum, Aug. 19). Those charges are completely groundless. However, Dixie knew that they were groundless and used one of the shrewdest methods I have ever encountered to make her cowardly charges.

While the name at the bottom of that letter was that of "Matt Asay," the Daily Herald reported in its wedding announcements on Page C4 of its Aug. 23 edition that Matt Asay "is employed by the Dixie Thompson for Congress campaign." If Mr. Asay is indeed employed by Dixie, then there is almost no doubt that Dixie approved the letter before Mr. Asay sent it.If Dixie did not approve of the letter, then she must make a public apology and immediately discharge Mr. Asay from her campaign. If Dixie approved of the letter, then why doesn't she have the courage to make such bold accusations in a forthright manner? Dixie will soon be confronting Congressman Orton in a number of debates. It should be interesting to see if she will have the "guts" to make such accusations to his face.

Joel Wright