Craig Willett, local tax specialist, small business owner and CPA, has been invited to testify Thursday before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Small Business in a hearing on health care reform and small business in Washington D.C.

The hearing is designed to address the Health Security Act as passed by two House committees and examine the act as it relates to independent contractors, the payment of health premiums by independent contractors or employers, and the general effect of health-care reform on small corporations.Willett was invited to testify by the National Federation of Independent Business. He serves on the federation's Free Enterprise Council and Guardian Advisory Council for Utah.

"One of the most important issues addressed in the Health Security Act is the treatment and classification of employees and independent contractors," Willett said. "The legislation has a provision that requests the Treasury Department propose legislation by the end of 1995. The opportunity should be afforded to business owners, in addition to the Treasury Department, so that the recommendations are not biased."

Willett contends the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service have an inherent incentive to reclassify independent contractors as employees. "Through worker reclassifications, the Treasury Department is able to raise revenues through the payroll taxes," he said.