A local huckleberry picker found more than he bargained for last week during a berry-gathering expedition in the Pine Creek area.

On Thursday, July 28, the unidentified picker found what later turned out to be a human skull, according to a press release from the Shoshone County sheriff's office.County Coroner Lonnie Duce was contacted and accompanied the person to the site where the skull was found. A brief search of the area was conducted for other remains, but nothing else was found at the time.

The release stated that a more thorough search was conducted the next day at which time a jawbone was found approximately 20 yards from where the skull had been located. At this time no other remains have been located.

The skull and jawbone will be taken to Spokane to be examined by a forensic dentist to find out how long the skull may have been at the site along with the age and possible sex of the victim.