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I have become so frustrated watching the politicians babble on regarding health-care reform while months go by and there seems to be little progress.

The issue doesn't seem that difficult. One of two possibilities would do wonders for us. One would be to move ahead on socialized medicine. Too many countries are having a degree of success with this for us to ignore it. Another option is for insurance companies to lower their rates so that the middle class can afford them. Have you tried recently to purchase medical insurance as an individual not covered by a group health plan? The costs are phenomenal.We spent many years associated with various cultures in Hawaii. There were very few that didn't see the American medical care system as a joke. They had become very satisfied with socialized medicine in their countries. Yes, they paid a higher tax but were willing to pay it.

We would not have to institute as high a tax at all. Ten percent across the board would do wonders for our economic situation and would be fair. One of the only drawbacks to a plan such as this is that doctors are forced to care for people, not get rich off of them. Oh darn. Similarly, the insurance companies would probably not like to lower their rates due to their greed. We have worked in the industry for over 20 years and see the incredible outlay of cash.

Luana Benzmiller