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If you want to erect an electric or barbed-wire fence in a residential zone here, forget it. The City Council has approved a new ordinance prohibiting it.

"We just spelled it out," said Lynn Vinzant, Clinton community development director.He said some residents have inquired about using electric fences or barbed wire around their homes. Some have wanted to keep dogs out of their yards with electric fences and another wanted to increase the height of a fence to six feet with barbed wire to meet swimming pool regulations.

Vinzant convinced the City Council to specifically close all those loopholes.

"It's all related to Clinton growing up," he said.

He also said any resident wanting to fence a yard needs to obtain a compliance permit from the city offices. This permit is free and designed to inform residents of fencing requirements before they build.

Clinton has also made some changes in its home occupation guidelines and permitted uses in commercial zones.

Revising zoning ordinances is a constant process, and Vinzant said he has a list of others that need updating.

"It's a matter of having the time," he said.