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In the July 29 edition of the Deseret News, I read the article regarding attorney Brian Barnard and his request to pull the Redskin vanity plate. I have a difficult time believing the ridiculous extremes that some people will go to to try to be politically correct. I see no connection between the Redskin license plate and other ethnic slurs such as the ones Mr. Barnard referred too.

Maybe I should be offended because I live in Bountiful and the local high school is named the Bountiful Braves, or possibly I should be offended because my neighbor drives a Jeep Cherokee. A couple of years ago when the professional spring football league was coming to Utah, they proposed naming their team the Utah Pioneers. Maybe I should have been offended since my forefathers pulled a handcart across the plains and obviously the name Utah Pioneer must be a slur to them.I don't believe that the majority of the residents of Utah are offended by reference to Redskin, Utes, Braves or any other name of the sort. Soon we may have animal rights activists saying that we shouldn't have mascots such as cougars, wildcats or panthers. Somewhere the madness has to stop. Mr. Barnard needs to go back to trying to be a productive citizen, and not being one who simply likes to stir up debate and controversy.

Kenneth E. Bement