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Transients who settled down in a field west of I-15 near 3300 South will have to find another place to sleep for the next few nights after a fire ripped across 15 acres of their makeshift camp Friday.

Meanwhile, a fire burns out of control in the Dixie National Forest, and other communities across the state were threatened with ongoing fires but have emerged unscathed.Crews from South Salt Lake, Murray and Salt Lake County fire departments responded around 4:45 p.m. Friday to the 3300 South fire, which firefighters believe was started by sparks from a train passing on tracks to the west. It was controlled in about an hour.

Salt Lake County firefighter Randy Barker, who was in charge at the scene, said there were no injuries and that crews didn't anticipate any problems as they cleaned up and checked for hot spots.

Several sleeping bags, shoes, suitcases and food wrappers strewn on the charred ground indicated many people had been staying in the field, but Barker said firefighters saw only one man still in the camp when they arrived.

A man, who refused to give his name, said he and another man were waiting for a friend when the fire broke out.

"I was sleeping when my buddy woke me up and said, `It's burning,' " the man said. "I heard a snap, crackle and pop and looked right into the fire."

Salt Lake County Fire Capt. Bill Brass said the fire started near 3450 South and moved north through the field.

The only main threat to traffic was the presence of fire equipment on and around the on-ramp. "It made a nice mess on the freeway," Brass said. "It was perfect - right in the middle of rush hour."

Dixie National Forest

Authorities believe lightning ignited a 225-acre fire burning in the Dixie National Forest near the border of Garfield and Kane counties.

The fire is burning near the Powell Ranger District near Street Canyon, just west of Bryce Canyon, said a Cedar City Fire Center dispatcher.

The fire is out of control and will be for at least the next two days; there is no estimate for containment.

- Tooele County: Two uncontained fires have burned over 10,600 acres, said Interagency Fire spokesman Dick Kline. The lightning-ignited East Harker Complex fire has destroyed more than 10,000 acres while threatening several ranches 35 miles southwest of Tooele.

Further west near the Utah-Nevada border, the Deep Creek Fire, renamed the Reily Fire, continued to burn in the southwest corner of the county, said Kline.

- Rich County: Two fires also burned in Rich County. One blaze, the Dry Canyon Fire II, has burned more than 1,000 acres just south of Randolph. "We thought the fire was going to hit the town, but luckily the wind shifted the opposite way," Kline said.

The Edgar Fire, southwest of Bear Lake and in the northern end of Logan Canyon, has burned "several thousand" acres, Kline said. There is no estimate of containment.

- Millard County: Near Richfield, the Black Willow Springs fire continued to burn more than 500 acres just east of Oak City. About 3 p.m. Friday, a heavy wind caused crews to temporarily pull out of the area. Crews returned about 6 p.m., with the fire having moved southeast and away from the city, said Linda Jackson of the Richfield County fire dispatch.

- Sevier County: The 500-acre Burnt Hollow fire was confined in a canyon near the Piute ATV trail, Jackson said. There is no estimate of containment.


Additional Information

Utah Fires

East Harker fire complex

includes three separate fires that started Thursday 35 miles southwest of Tooele that later connected and had burned over 10,000 acres by Friday morning. CAUSE: Lightning. STATUS: Not contained, has threatened several ranches.

Deep Creek Fire

renamed Reily Fire, has burned 600 acres near the Nevada Border in the southwest corner of Tooele County since it was first reported Thursday. CAUSE: Lightning suspected. STATUS: Not contained. Equipment: 1 helicopter and an engine.

Weber Canyon Fire

started along a railroad right-of-way Thursday morning, threatening homes in Uinta and prompting evacuations in South Ogden, burning 400 acres. CAUSE: Still in dispute, possibly caused by transients riding a train or by the train itself. STATUS: Not contained.

Antelope Island Fire

reported about 7:30 a.m. Thursday on the north end of Antelope Island. Burned 1,000 acres on Antelope Island. CAUSE: Lightning. STATUS: Contained at 5 p.m. Thursday.

Edgar Fire

has burned "several thousand" acres since being reported Tuesday southwest of Bear Lake in the upper end of Logan Canyon. Additional crews were still arriving Friday. CAUSE: Lightning. STATUS: Expected to burn into next week.

EQUIPMENT: 1 helicopter.

Black Willow Springs Fire

500 acres since its start Tuesday, burning pinion and juniper trees in steep terrain on the Fishlake National Forest 12 miles northeast of Oak City in Millard County. CAUSE: Lightning. STATUS: Expected to burn into next week. EQUIPMENT: 1 helicopter.

Burnt Hollow Fire

has burned about 500 acres six miles west of Richfield since its start Thursday morning. CAUSE: Unknown. STATUS: Control expected late Friday. EQUIPMENT: 5 engines and 1 bulldozer.

Dixie National Forest Fire

burned about 225 acres just west of Bryce Canyon near the Garfield and Kane county lines since Tuesday. CAUSE: Lightning. STATUS: Not contained.