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New area presidency assignments in the Church's worldwide areas have been announced by the First Presidency.

In addition, the First Presidency announced that the Utah Central and Utah North areas will be combined, thus reducing the number of areas from 23 to 22. The changes will be effective Aug. 15.Altogether, 66 members of the First and Second Quorums of the Seventy have been called to serve in area presidencies. Most of those serving in the eight domestic areas will continue to reside in the Salt Lake City area, while those assigned to the 14 international areas will live near their offices in other countries.

Other members of the Seventy have been assigned responsibilities at Church headquarters in the Young Men and Sunday School general presidencies, in the Church Educational System, and in the Missionary, Temple, Family History, Correlation, Curriculum, Historical and Priesthood departments.

The policy of administering the affairs of the Church in various lands through area presidencies was first announced in June 1984 when 13 areas were created.

Since that time, additional areas have been created. Today, there are two areas for Utah and nearby counties in other states, one area for California and Hawaii, and five areas for the rest of the United States and Canada.

Five other areas cover the Spanish-speaking areas of Mexico, Central and South America, and one is exclusively for the Portuguese-speaking membership of Brazil.

Three areas are responsible for Europe, two for Asia and one each for the Pacific, Africa and the Philippines/Micronesia islands.


1. Utah North

John E. Fowler President J Ballard Washburn First Counselor

Alexander B. Morrison Second Counselor

2. Utah South

Earl C. Tingey President

Jack H Goaslind First Counselor

Ronald E. Poelman Second Counselor

3. North America Northwest

Ted E. Brewerton President Spencer J. Condie First Counselor

LeGrand R. Curtis Second Counselor

4. North America West

Loren C. Dunn President

Lance B. Wickman First Counselor

Henry B. Eyring Second Counselor

5. North America Central

James M. Paramore President

William R. Bradford First Counselor

F. Melvin Hammond Second Counselor

6. North America Northeast

Cree-L Kofford President

Vaughn J Featherstone

First Counselor

W. Don Ladd Second Counselor

7. North America Southeast

Stephen D. Nadauld President

F. Burton Howard First Counselor

Rulon G. Craven Second Counselor

8. North America Southwest

W. Mack Lawrence President

Gene R. Cook First Counselor

F. Enzio Busche Second Counselor

9. Mexico North

Angel Abrea President

Jorge A. Rojas First Counselor

John M. Madsen Second Counselor

10. Mexico South

Lino Alvarez President

Gary J. Coleman

First Counselor

D. Todd Christofferson

Second Counselor

11. Central America

Carlos H. Amado President

Robert E. Wells First Counselor

Joseph C. Muren Second Counselor

12. South America North

Jay E. Jensen President

Julio E. Davila First Counselor

Eduardo Ayala

Second Counselor

13. Brazil

Harold G. Hillam President

Helvecio Martins First Counselor

Dallas N. Archibald Second Counselor

14. South America South

Lynn A. Mickelsen President

John B. Dickson First Counselor

Claudio R. Mendes Costa Second Counselor

15. Europe North

Kenneth Johnson President

Hugh W. Pinnock First Counselor

Graham W. Doxey Second Counselor

16. Europe/Mediterranean

Dean L. Larsen President

Hans B. Ringger First Counselor

Neil L. Andersen Second Counselor

18. Africa

J. Richard Clarke President

F. David Stanley First Counselor

James O. Mason Second Counselor

17. Europe

Dennis B. Neuenschwander President

Robert K. Dellenbach First Counselor

Dieter F. Uchtdorf Second Counselor

19. Asia

John K. Carmack President

Kwok Yuen Tai First Counselor

John H. Groberg Second Counselor

20. Asia North

David E. Sorensen President

In Sang Han First Counselor

Sam K. Shimabukuro Second Counselor

21. Philippines/Micronesia

Ben B. Banks President

Augusto A. Lim First Counselor

C. Max Caldwell Second Counselor

22. Pacific

Lowell D. Wood President

V. Dallas Merrell First Counselor

Durrel A. Woolsey Second Counselor