A Berks County man who made a hole-in-one during a fundraising golf tournament in June doesn't feel so fortunate after learning that a volunteer group couldn't come up with the $10,000 prize it had advertised.

Donald A. Iacobacci, 61, had never before made a hole-in-one in 49 years of playing golf. He screamed in disbelief after his 175-yard shot went into the 16th hole of the Overlook Golf Course."I ran down to see if the ball was really in there," Iacobacci, of Wyomissing Hills, said. "I floated the rest of the way in. My feet didn't touch the ground."

While Iacobacci celebrated, the Manheim Township Football Assocation was scrambling to warn the 47 golfers that the hole-in-one competition was off.

The group, which raises money to support the high school football team, had just learned that an insurance mixup had left them with no coverage. They don't have the money to pay the prize.

Prizes in such tournaments are usually paid by insurance claims, Paul S. Pelland, the football association's president, said. But the association didn't write a premium check in time to its insurance agent with the correct number of participants.

The tournament didn't make much more than $2,000, he added.

Iacobacci said he doesn't want to hurt the group, but wants his money and will go to Attorney General Ernie Preate Jr. if necessary to get it.

"We'd have to raise that money we normally raise for the kids and give it to a golfer," Pelland said.

That's just what Iacobacci wants.

"I said I'm patient," he said. "They wanted to know what I want, and I told them: `I want $10,000. That's what I'm entitled to."'