Oliver North can no longer pack a pistol because he is "not of good character," a judge ruled.

The Republican U.S. Senate nominee had been allowed to carry up to three concealed handguns until March, when his permit expired.Clarke County Circuit Judge James L. Berry, the same judge who granted North his permit in 1992, rejected the application for renewal Monday.

North's camp claimed the decision was politically motivated. Berry is a Democrat.

"In 1992, Judge Berry found Oliver North to be `of good character,' " campaign spokesman Mark Merritt said. "The only difference between 1992 and 1994 is that this year, Ollie North is running for the Senate."

Berry acknowledged that North was competent to carry concealed weapons and has previously shown a need to have them.

But the judge added that he was unable to ignore North's convictions "for crimes involving moral turpitude . . . even though his convictions were later overturned."