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Government action


In its Aug. 4 meeting, the City Council:

- Recognized Frank Zamora of Layton for his recent award from the state as a "Quiet Utah Pioneer." Zamora has helped train 113 guide dogs for the blind during the past 20 years, is a member of the city board of adjustments and helps with a low-income loan program for homeowners.

- Approved a resolution supporting the placement of a community college in Layton.

- Approved rezoning land owned by Patricia Walker at 1301 N. Fort Lane from residential to residential suburban to allow two horses on the one-acre property.

- Granted preliminary approval to Beechwood subdivision, phase 5, 23 lots at 1950 N. 1600 East.

- Granted final approval to Carriage Park subdivision, phase one, 34 lots at 325 S. 550 West.

- Approved an ordinance to establish a board of appeals for uniform construction codes. Members will be appointed at the next meeting.

- Approved a business license for Hy and Mike's Pawn Shop, next to Simmon's Auto Repair, 687 N. Main.

- Approved a bid of $74,000 from the Leon Poulson Company for a water line extension on 400 West.

- Approved sanitary sewer line replacement on a portion of Flint and East Gentile Streets.