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I understand that on July 20, a letter, signed by Mayor Deedee Corradini and Salt Lake County Commissioner Randy Horiuchi, was hand-delivered to each member of the Sugar House Park Authority. This letter stated that each of their respective resignations was accepted.

Not one of these members resigned their appointments. In essence, they were fired. It appears the action on the part of Corradini and Horiuchi was arbitrary and premeditated. If so, why? The mayor has been quoted as saying "new blood" and "pro-development" policies were needed. What do these terms mean?There is a right way and a wrong way to treat and impress people. The fired Park Authority members have been treated crudely and unappreciatively. I am curious as to whose interests are being served. Certainly not mine as a citizen and user of the park.

I extend personal thanks to former Park Authority members for their diligence and commitment over the many years to protect the commercial-free, spacious, family-oriented park. Their hard-fought and at times criticized decisions to maintain the park's beauty and integrity are valued by many. Today, Sugarhouse Park is a beautiful 100-acre gem, unencumbered by concrete structures and pay-for-use recreational facilities.

Great thanks to the following Park Authority members: Robert E. Doidge, president; C. Laird Snelgrove, vice president; Ray D. Free, L.C. Romney and Hazel Bullough. Your volunteer service and "aged" wisdom have made a significant difference to the Salt Lake community, as well as families, athletes, passers-by and canine friends.

Richard T. Trussell

Salt Lake City