A fire-bomb destroyed a mosque early Tuesday in the latest of several attacks against Turkish-owned buildings in Germany. Police suspect Kurds or right-wing radicals.

The fire in Sindelfingen, outside Stuttgart in southern Germany, started at 2 a.m., said police in neighboring Boeblingen. The two-story building housing the mosque and a cultural center burned to the ground.No one was in the building when the fire began, and volunteer firefighters prevented the blaze from spreading to nearby buildings. No injuries were reported.

On Monday, a passer-by prevented a major fire in Essen, in northwest Germany, by kicking away a can of gasoline that had been ignited and thrown against a Turkish travel bureau.

Police say no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The most likely suspects were right-wing radicals or members of the banned Kurdistan Workers' Party, the Marxist group battling for an independent state in southeast Turkey, police said.