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Just in time for the dog days of August, there's a new chip to try while you're vegging out in the shade. Doritos' new zesty salsa flavor is debuting now on your grocer's shelves. The 14.5-ounce package retails for $2.55.

Don Russell (married, five children at home, ages 14-4): "These chips are laced with plenty of flavorful salsa seasoning, but they're not so hot that you can't enjoy them. Doritos of all flavors are enjoyed at our house and this new one is no exception. About 15 chips will cost you 140 calories and 7 grams of fat."Edyth Jensen (married, three children at home): "These chips disappeared, so I guess you could say they went over well. They're not too spicy - there's just salsa to make them interesting. Even the little kids liked them. We'll be buying them again periodically."

Nihla Lake (married, two children at home): "We had already tried this chip. In our family, we are big salsa fans. This is no wimpy snack - it as a strong, rich flavor. Once the bag is opened, the teenagers make short work of it. We'll for sure buy it again.

Linda C. Tingey (single mother, four teenage boys at home): "As usual, Doritos has come up with another hit. They're zesty, but not too spicy. You still want to keep a drink close at hand! Between my teens and grandchildren, the whole bag went in one sitting. The price is comparable with other chips. My teenagers really liked them, so I'll buy them again."

Rich Firmage (married, three children, oldest 8 years old): " `These chips are hot!' This is what most of my family said after trying them. And they are quite good. My son's comment was `you need to have a drink of water with these!'

"I am not a big fan of Doritos, but these I like. You don't even need to dip these chips in your salsa - they already have enough on them."

Bill Allred (single): The Zesty Salsa Doritos are just like Dorito's nacho cheese flavor except stronger, stronger in every aspect. They taste stronger. They smell stronger. The color of the chips is a more vivid orange and the orange residue that the chips leave on your fingers is thicker and much harder to wash off. After eating a handful of zesty salsa Doritos my mouth started to hurt. They don't taste too bad - in small doses. I don't recommend eating more than two or three chips a day so a bag ought to last you the better part of a month."

Conclusion: Hot tamale! These chips wowed all but one of our testers. You might like them, too.