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PLEASE . . . .PLEASE . . . PLEASE . . . all you wonderful DOCs (Dutch Oven Cooks) out there - still time to enter the Davis County Fair Dutch Oven Cook-Off.When: Saturday, Aug. 20

Where: Davis County Fairgrounds

Contact Bill Johnson IMMEDIATELY (546-1182) for more information and entry forms. Deadline is Aug. 10 - not much time, huh?

Why all the begging and grovelling and weaseling in search of delicious entries?

Guess who's judging dinner?


Best-selling author John Grisham has been burning up the bookstore scene lately, and Nashville recording artist Vince Gill has been at the top of the country western heap.

Both men love catfish.

I can understand Vince. You know. The gill thing. But Grisham?

Anyway, they were both bestowed "Celebrity Catfish Lover" honors for "August National Catfish Month."

Talk about a stretch!

If y'all would like a booklet filled with recipes featuring America's fifth most popular fish, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

TCI Presents: The American Collection

P.O. Box 536

Gibbstown, NJ 08027


Wanna learn how to change your oil? Pompeian Olive Oil will gladly tell you how in a free recipe booklet full of favorite recipes ranging from Quick Pasta Primavera to Absolutely Outstanding Pound Cake.

To obtain a copy, call Pompeian Inc. at 1-800-638-1224.


Although country music isn't Edna's cup of tea, a pun-ishing new cookbook arrived the other day. It's "Stand by your Pan," by Diane Pfeifer ($9.95).

Recipes have been renamed, with really AWFUL (but WONDERFULLY EDNA) country-western themes. Here's a sampling:

Caky Flaky Tart; Cheese Release Me; Grits Now or Never; I Fall to Peaches; Livin' on Salsa Time; Quiche an Angel Good Morning; and Take This Squash and Stuff It.

Real classics.

To order, call 1-800-875-7242.