Contrary to the old saying, not everyone loves a parade.

At least that's the indication of a lawsuit filed by a Riverton woman against Salt Lake County and her city after she was hit by a sheriff's motorcyle during a parade July 3.Jodie Haslam's suit, filed Monday in 3rd District Court, contends that negligence on the part of Salt Lake County and Riverton resulted in bodily injuries that continue to hinder her performance at work. She is suing the county and River-ton to pay medical expenses and past and future lost earnings.

Haslam was sitting in a lawn chair near 12943 South on 1200 West watching River-ton's Independence Day parade when a Harley-Davidson motorcycle driven by a Salt Lake County deputy sheriff "struck and ran over her," according to the suit.

The deputy sheriff was part of a motorcycle brigade in the parade.

The suit says the county is responsible for the actions of the deputy sheriff, who failed to control his motorcycle and maintain a proper lookout. Further, the suit contends the motorcycle brigade maneuver was not rehearsed and should not have been performed on 1200 West's narrow roadway.

Haslam's claims against Riverton include that the city failed to block traffic from entering the parade route.