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The famous landmark was destroyed in 1963. While a few preservationists picketed through snow in front of the old Pennsylvania Station in New York City, thousands stood by - trusting, ignorant or indifferent. Yes, money was involved. The Pennsylvania RR was debt-ridden, so its board of directors and the New York planning commission made the decision to raze the old station and sell the air rights.

Now, more than 30 years later, expressions of regret are still commonly heard across the country. With painful memories, a committee to save Grand Central Station was formed when this old terminal was confronting a similar fate. It was finally recognized that wonderful old structures cannot be replaced - when they're gone, they are gone.Past civilizations realized that people have aesthetic needs. They built splendid buildings, markets and parks to inspire and exhilarate.

We have such an edifice in Provo - the Education Building at Academy Square, dating back to 1892. Upon restoration, its architecture will lend nobility once again to our community, as well as peace to our daily lives.

With support and guidance from our community leaders, this project need not be financially overwhelming. The old opera house in St. George is being restored with the help of bankers and other local businesses, clubs, churches, county, etc. We can find this same support. Let's unite in a grand cause.

If need be, the facade only could be preserved, the interior completely gutted and transformed into a pioneer museum, community center, performing arts center, etc. Such restoration is done all over Europe.

Susan O. Famulary