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I love my country and our Constitution, but I see each being destroyed day by day. Every morning I think, what terrible thing will President Clinton and Congress do today that will bring us more tightly under the control of the new world order?

For starters, a few weeks ago Clinton signed a secret order authorizing the assignment of American troops to fight foreign wars and peacekeeping missions under foreign commanders and under U.N. rules. We saw some of this in Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, etc.Now he is trying to push a bill through Congress to plunge the United States into a World Government Organization where our nation will have only the same vote as Castro's Cuba and other Third World countries who hate us. It is the WTO (World Trade Organization). It will control the world's economy. It operates with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. After World War II, U.S. senators blocked this WTO, concluding it would diminish U.S. sovereignty and interfere with U.S. domestic laws.

Right now we have GATT, which substituted for WTO. GATT was a contractual relationship among sovereign nations. All member nations must agree to changes. WTO is a supra-national body in Geneva that will set, administer and enforce global rules of trade. It will make decisions about our jobs, production, labor standards, environment and security. It includes a Supreme Court that will decide trade disputes whose rulings are final.

Article XVI obligates the United States to change our laws, regulations and procedures to make them conform to WTO. The estimated cost is $14 billion for the first five years. Clinton recommends it be added onto the national debt.

Vivian S. Anderson

Salt Lake City