First Congressional District candidate Bobbie Coray says she's not going to vote for Merrill Cook's term limitation/runoff election initiative even though she signed his petition.

The Deseret News, using Cook as a source, said in a recent article that Coray and U.S. Democratic Senate candidate Pat Shea supported the initiative. Cook even said Coray and Shea are on the movement's board of directors.But Coray says that's wrong. While she does support term limits - she complains that her opponent, GOP Rep. Jim Hansen, has been in office too long at 14 years - she doesn't support Cook's initiative because of the runoff provision. She says a runoff election could let a minority group have too much power and she worries about the cost of runoffs to local governments - who pay for elections.

Cook says Coray has switched her position. Coray says Cook misunderstood her original endorsement of term limits - she was endorsing the idea of term limits, not Cook's specific initiative.

In any case, Cook has lost a high-profile endorsement. Shea, on the other hand, remains firmly in Cook's term-limits camp, Shea's campaign manager Mike Reberg confirms, and isn't wavering.