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There was a time when those who came to these shores desired to be "melted" in the "great melting pot," which was America. Those who came here became part of the American fabric; millions did, and there is still a stream coming in.

Somehow, for some reason, some ethnic and racial groups seem to want to remain apart from the American mainstream. It escapes me why some groups continue to avoid the "melting process" and demand concessions and maintain continual public demonstrations so as to attempt to maintain a distinct image separate from what the American culture is.The German, Italian, French, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, etc. comprise some of the segments of America, and they seem content to "melt" into America and do not expect special concessions in the form of ethnic comic strips, quota appointments to jobs, special appointments to government jobs, special language school teachers and notices in their languages in public places.

Well-intentioned desires should not wear thin the solid fabric of a united America as groups insist upon maintaining nationalistic or ethnic status. A divided society is one headed for siege.

If certain groups continue to ignore what America is, I see social strife as groups insist upon their "identity" distinct from what America is as they attempt to continually establish and maintain their nation within America. If we continue the push for recognition of diversity, more separation, not less, will occur.

Let us celebrate more of what we have in common, not celebrate our differences so often. Commonality binds a nation, not diversity. We are all Americans; not hyphenated Americans prefaced by the nation of our ancestors.

Ken Zenger

Salt Lake City