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A glimpse into Todd Kimmell's "found films" collection:

- Film from the 1950s about juvenile delinquency and misunderstood teens. Announcer: "What will become of these men of tomorrow?"- Silent short from the 1920s about a kid who loses job because he doesn't have good teeth, then gets it when dental hygiene improves.

- Silent film of the opening of a large mobile-home park in Trevose, a Philadelphia suburb.

- "Motorcycle Cossacks," depicting the Mexico City police force on 1930s Harleys.

- "Don't Smoke Pot," narrated by Sonny Bono.

- "Then and Now: The Story of Computers," from 1962.

- Athletic films: "Aqua Frolics" and "Snow Thrills."

- "Power Behind the Nation," a color documentary from about 1943 about how America has bigger and more of everything.

- A 1920s dog parade in downtown Philadelphia.

- "The Bed-Sitting Room," a farce in which a nuclear bomb is dropped on London and all of the characters ultimately turn into furniture.

- A Pan Am film called "Wings to Yugoslavia," an upbeat travel documentary from the early 1960s that shows places now destroyed by the Bosnian civil war. "What it did was put a face on all the dots that had been bombed," Kimmell says.

- Balinese religious dances. A title card reads: "Trained bodies in stage rhythms."

- German group gymnastics, showing synchronized young women waving hula hoops in a field reminiscent of "The Sound of Music."

- "Hanover Industrial Fair," in which Zamboni-like machines move pallets with guitar music in the background.

- International table tennis matches from 1960s in which the Japanese winner cries upon victory.