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President Jack Kemp?

The former housing secretary is the people's choice, according to an extensive research project for a new book, The Second American Revolution. Well, the choice of 27 percent, anyway.The authors, James Patterson and Peter Kim, set out to learn Americans' views about their leaders and issues.

First, they assembled 100 people for a town hall meeting to discuss issues and propose solutions. Then they contacted a representative group of Americans by telephone.

Using those data, Patterson and Kim then consulted policy experts, government officials and others to draft a list of proposed solutions to problems. And they hired an executive search firm to build a list of Americans who fit the criteria for leadership.

The firm went through thousands of resumes and came up with a list of 90 people, which was whittled to seven. Their names were included in a survey mailed to 3,000 Americans.

Of that group, 1,067 responded, and 27 percent picked Kemp for president. Other finalists were John Bryan Jr., president of Sara Lee Corp.; Texas Gov. Ann Richards; and former Rep. Barbara Jordan, now a lecturer at the University of Texas.