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Around the world

SATELLITE LOST: An AT&T Corp. satellite was lost Friday after being launched from an Ariane rocket. The Telstar 402 satellite was designed to provide telephone and television links in the United States and Caribbean for 12 years. Several large companies, including the Fox and ABC television networks, had planned to use it. The satellite detached as planned from the Ariane rocket 20 minutes after takeoff late Thursday from the European space center in Kourou, French Guiana.PROTEST: President Jiang Zemin of China arrived in Paris on Friday to shouts of "China out of Tibet!" and "Free the prisoners!" after France lifted a ban on anti-Beijing protests. Jiang came to the French capital on the second day of a five-day state visit expected to produce trade agreements worth $3 billion. The ban was clearly meant to avoid embarrassments during Jiang's visit. While the right to demonstrate is protected by the constitution, French authorities prohibited demonstrations in Paris and Marseille, Jiang's arrival point on Thursday.

Across the nation

NUKE DISPUTE: South Carolina sued the U.S. Energy Department Friday in an attempt to block shipments of European nuclear waste to a weapons-material plant. U.S. District Judge Matthew Perry agreed to temporarily block a shipment of 159 spent European fuel rods that the state said was already on a ship heading for the United States. The federal government wants to store the waste without considering its long-term environmental impact, which is illegal, according to Gov. Carroll Campbell and Attorney General Travis Medlock.

SHOOTING: A Clearwater, Fla., woman who said she didn't have enough money for an abortion was charged with murder for allegedly killing her 6-month-old fetus by shooting herself in the womb. The baby girl was delivered March 27 by emergency Caesarean section after she was shot in the wrist. After a week, her underdeveloped kidneys began to fail and her body filled with fluids. She died April 11. Her mother, Kawana Michele Ashley, 19, was charged Wednesday with third-degree murder and manslaughter. She was being held Friday on $50,000 bond.