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Robert D. Hornbeck was elected president of the Utah Association of Financial Services at the trade group's annual meeting here Saturday at Stein Eriksen Lodge.

Hornbeck is managing director of American General Financial Center, Midvale, with assets of $160 million and 135 employees in Utah. The center is a subsidiary of American General Finance Inc. Hornbeck has worked with affiliated American General companies for more than 30 years.Other newly elected association officers are Robert D. Myrick, MountainWest Financial Corp., chairman; William D. Taylor, AT&T Universal Financial Corp., vice president; David E. Poulsen, American Express Deposit Corp., treasurer. Irene Jorgensen remains executive vice president of the association.

Named to the executive committee of the 25-member association board of directors were John M. Taggart, American Investment Bank; Kenneth H. Petersen, GE Capital Financial Inc.; James W. Bantham, Associates Corp. of North America; and Douglas Leever, Avco Financial Services.

The Utah Association of Financial Institutions is a trade group for lending institutions, industrial loan corporations and banks throughout the state.