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The 17th Utah Conference on New Technology is scheduled Tuesday, Sept. 27, in the Olpin Union Building at the University of Utah.

It is sponsored by the U. of U. Engineering Experiment Station, the Utah Information Technologies Association and the Salt Lake Rotary Club with support from the colleges of engineering, mines and earth sciences and the Office of University Communications.At 11:45 a.m. there will be panel discussion featuring Gov. Mike Leavitt; Rodney H. Brady, president of Bonneville International; Mark W. Stromberg, Utah vice president of US WEST Communications; and Jeff Fraser, president of Information Network of Kansas.

A 2:30 p.m. session will center on the information superhighway and feature Ladd E. Christensen, president of Whitehall Corp.; John E. Garff, president of Parlant Technology; John F. Adamson, president of Electronic Cottage International Inc.; Fraser; and Randall K. Fields, chairman/president of the Park City Group.