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The Sugarhouse Park dispute is about the strangest thing I have ever encountered in many years of public service. Former board members are writing letters suggesting new "nonpolitical" solutions to park governance though several of the old board were longtime Utah elected politicians. Public insults toward new board members have emerged from others who are less responsible. Many good people are still fearful of dramatic changes in the park though the new board at its first meeting went out of its way to express the same conservative and preservationist philosophy of the former board.

All of this is probably understandable given the dramatic change in park leadership. The old park authority deserves our thanks for a job well done. But times do change, and there is no going back. We, of the new board, are simply asking for enough public understanding to do our job and to earn the public trust. I am fearful that if the ghost chasing continues it will detract from the real issues of the park.We can begin by welcoming a large public contingent to walk through the park with the new authority on Sept. 22 at 6 p.m. (meet at the garden center in the park.) The public will be able to point out its concerns during the walk-through. Then a public hearing will be held on Oct. 13, and the authority will hear public concerns firsthand. After that, all meetings of the Sugar House Park Authority will be open to the public, and all views will be heard.

Give the new board a chance. If we don't gain your trust, then you can call for our ouster. Chasing ghosts will only confuse and hide the real issues.

Ted Wilson

Member, Sugar House Park Authority