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Amber, born Jan. 29, 1988, and Derrick, born Oct. 13, 1989, are active and healthy youngsters who need a permanent family to grow up in as soon as possible.

Due to the neglect by their birth family, Amber and Derrick have lived with three other families. They've been in their current foster home since the fall of 1993.Amber is a polite and affectionate little girl who enjoys singing and watching TV. She appreciates attention from adults and likes to be read to and pampered.

She takes care of her own needs as well as most children her age. She likes to please adults and, although she tends to compete with other children, she does have friends.

Amber still needs help learning to share, and she's stubborn and pouts when she doesn't get her own way. She has been in therapy and may need professional help at various times throughout her childhood.

Derrick is an easy-going little boy who likes to watch sports on TV.

He loves music he can dance to and enjoys riding his bike and playing outside.

A friendly and affectionate child, Derrick makes friends easily and likes adult attention. He tries to please, and praise is a great motivator.

Like most neglected children, Derrick has some emotional and behavior problems but nothing that has required professional therapy so far.

A black two-parent family or single mother is needed to provide the security and care these two children need. Some financial assistance may be available.