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Management troubles continue to plague the Southwest Utah Mental Health Center despite last week's resignation of the executive director and the removal of two other directors.

The state is sending another investigative team to St. George, said Paul Thorpe, director of the Utah Division of Mental Health.Authority board chairwoman Louise Liston asked the state to continue its probe into allegations of mismanagement and misconduct, said Veon Smith, a program specialist for the mental health division.

"This is sort of a follow-up thing," Smith said. "Through the whole process there were some issues that deserved continued at-ten-tion."

Last week, members of the authority board requested the resignation of Executive Director Gene Chatlin after accusations were made by two other directors, John Kliarsky and Karen Dolan.

As a result, Chatlin resigned and the two were removed from their directorship positions and given different jobs.

The focus of the investigation will not be fiscal in nature and will not focus on Chatlin, Smith said.

Thorpe said the five-member investigative team will consist of officials from several departments.

"We will have somebody from liability management, the substance abuse division, from several different agencies," Thorpe said.

The center provides services to residents of Washington, Iron, Kane, Garfield and Beaver counties.