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Glen Cowden occasionally opened his home to friends and acquaintances who needed a place to stay. But neighbors are having a difficult time trying to figure out why one of those "friends" might have turned against the 54-year-old Cowden on Monday morning, allegedly dousing him and his home with gasoline and setting them on fire. Cowden died at the Intermountain Burn Center in Salt Lake City. He suffered third-degree burns over 100 percent of his body. Police believe an argument about Cowden's guest smoking in the house possibly precipitated the fire. Police booked Scott Austin Causey, 21, Orem, into the Orem city jail Monday on suspicion of homicide and aggravated arson.

Causey suffered minor burns and a cut hand from diving out a window, police said. On Tuesday, Causey was denied bail and is being held in the Utah County Jail awaiting a return to court on Monday for a felony first appearance.