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More than a third of the town responded to a practice evacuation to test Tooele County's new emergency warning system.

That was good news for emergency planners who were unsure how many people would take part in the voluntary evacuation drill Saturday morning.A head count showed 150 of the town's 423 residents heeded the sirens that signaled them to evacuate to the Stockton church.

Those who came to the church were inundated with information, including pamphlets on how to control severe bleeding and instruction sheets explaining the different steps to take when evacuating.

Emergency planners answered questions, as did Tooele County sheriff's officers, state emergency management representatives and a contingent from the Salt Lake and Tooele chapters of the American Red Cross.

The sirens are intended for use in emergencies and natural disasters, and instructions would conform to the circumstance. How-ever, the main purpose is to advise residents in the event of a chemical agent leak at Tooele Army Depot.