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Fidelity Investments, the Boston-based discount brokerage and mutual funds firm, said Monday it was terminating 60 employees at its Salt Lake telephone operations center downtown.

Ed McCartney, senior vice president and general manager for the Salt Lake operation, said a total of 200 telephone information specialists were being let go at Fidelity's operations in Boston, Cincinnati, Dallas and Salt Lake City.He cited fewer calls from Fidelity investors for the decision to cut back the number of workers.

But that will still leave more than 1,200 employed at the local operation, which is Fidelity's largest, said McCartney. Fidelity also operates a walk-in retail center that employs seven people. That facility is not affected.

Fidelity went through a hiring blitz in 1993, which McCartney characterized as an extraordinarily active year for the brokerage business in general and Fidelity in particular.

"This year we've seen a return to normal volume cycles," he said.

He added that the company is offering those terminated a severance package and outplacement assistance.

Fidelity is the nation's largest mutual funds company.