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The $21.3 million budget of the Sevier School District reflects an increase for school construction.

The school board will allot 1.73 percent more toward construction projects including a new addition to the Ashman School.The tax increase will cost a homeowner with property that has a market value of $75,000 about $7 per year, according to district accountant Patrick D. Wilson.

Some of the needed funding will come from natural increases in the value of the tax base due to new growth.

Also, the district realized a savings of $156,000 through refunding of bonds last year. The amount of the savings was transferred from debt service to the capital outlay maintenance budget.

Taxpayers also may pay more through increased property values from reassessment. The revaluation of properties occurs about every five years and is conducted by the county assessor.

Large industries like US WEST Communications and the Southern Utah Fuel Co. pay about one-third of the total taxes assessed in Sevier County.

Wilson noted that state funding accounts for 75 percent to 78 percent of the maintenance and operations budget for fiscal year 1995 in the Sevier School District. This amounts to about $12 million.

The school board decided to increase pay for teachers of home-bound students from $10 to $15 per hour. Contracts were also renewed with those who have been providing the products and services for school lunch milk, coal, propane gas and trash collections.