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Around the world

KIDNAPPED: A Danish woman was kidnapped early Tuesday near a beach resort in southern Cyprus, and three British soldiers were being held as suspects. Louiza Jensen, 23, a tour guide who lives in Cyprus, was riding on a motorcycle with her Cypriot boyfriend when they were stopped by a car just outside the resort of Ayia Napa, police said.PEACEKEEPERS KILLED: Two Russian peacekeepers on patrol in a separatist region of Georgia have been killed in the first such incident since Russian soldiers began patrol duty there, the military command in Tbilisi said Tuesday. The Russian officers, who were part of a peacekeeping force sent to Georgia over the summer to keep the warring sides apart and to oversee the peaceful return of refugees, were struck by automatic weapons fire as they returned from inspecting peacekeeping patrols in the rebel province of Abkhazia in northwest Georgia.

Across the nation

STABBING: Enraged over an argument with her neighbor, Michelle Dawn Murphy returned to her apartment in Tulsa, Okla., and vented her anger by stabbing her 3-month-old son to death, police say. Murphy, 17, called police Monday morning and said she didn't know how Travis Eugene Wood was killed. But she confessed during six hours of questioning and was jailed on a murder complaint, police said.

REQUEST DENIED: A Canadian court has refused to allow the extradition of a drug suspect, saying the mandatory 20-year prison term he faces in Michigan violates basic human rights and "shocks the conscience." Daniel W. Jamieson is charged with selling 10 ounces of cocaine to undercover police for $20,000. Under Michigan law, he must serve at least 20 years without parole if convicted.

In Washington

APPOINTMENT: President Clinton nominated Marine Gen. John J. Sheehan as the commander-in-chief of the U.S. Atlantic Command and NATO's supreme allied commander in the Atlantic. Sheehan, upon confirmation by the Senate, will become the first Marine general to fill the slot, which has in the past been held by a Navy admiral.

In other news

AN OKLAHOMA NURSE who implicated herself in the deaths of four patients last month waived a mental health hearing and was committed voluntarily to a private psychiatric hospital. . . . BORIS YEGOROV, one of the first Soviet cosmonauts, has died of a heart attack, a news agency in Moscow reported Tuesday. He was 57. . . . AN HONOR-ROLL college student who worked as an $150-an-hour prostitute was sentenced to the maximum 90 days in jail by a justice in Cheektowaga, N.Y., who didn't approve of her paid talk-show appearances. . . . POLICE, SOLDIERS AND FARMERS in Jakarta, Indonesia, battled fires Tuesday that have destroyed thousands of acres of rain forest and cast a pall of smoke as far away as Singapore and Malaysia.