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For the second straight week, the top-rated quarterback in the NFL is not Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Steve Young or someone else from that stratosphere. Would you believe Stan Humphries of the San Diego Chargers?

Humphries threw for 299 yards and two touchdowns in San Diego's 27-10 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. That pushed his season total to 531 yards (30-for-51), five touchdowns and no interceptions for a 127.2 rating, which actually dipped from the 131.1 he had after the opening week.However, the numbers that matter to Humphries are that the Chargers are 2-0 for the first time in 13 seasons and that he's 22-10 as an NFL starter.

"I'm not a big-name guy anyway, so it doesn't matter," Humphries said of his rating. "Right now it's only two weeks, and anybody can have a good two weeks."

Humphries has the best quarterback rating because he's healthy. Last year, his badly bruised throwing shoulder contributed to the Chargers' fall from AFC West champions to 8-8 also-rans. And, a healthy offensive line means Humphries has yet to be sacked this year.