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Government action

Davis County Commission

In its meeting Monday, Sept. 12, the commission:

- Approved an improvement agreement waiving construction of curb, gutter and sidewalk on property owned by Scott and Shelley George in Hooper.

- Approved a quit claim agreement on a 7.3-foot strip of property the county acquired for unpaid taxes to adjacent property owner Duane Singleton when it was discovered the parcel was the result of overlapping boundary descriptions.

- Approved two reductions in property tax on parcels owned by Clearfield South Pointe Inc. in Clearfield. The reductions, ordered by the state Tax Commission, total $148,000 and $185,000.

- Reappointed John Allen, Bountiful, to the Bountiful Water Conservancy District board.

- Appointed Dr. David Cope, Bountiful, to the Davis County Health Board.

- Approved a $30,000 budget change for the county fair. The commission transferred $30,000 out of the fair buildings fund, putting $6,000 into the promotional fund and $24,000 into the fair miscellaneous account.

- Approved a contract with the state for $225,000 for weather-ization through the county's employment and training program.


In its Sept. 6 meeting, the City Council:

- Announced this year's fall cleanup will be Monday, Oct. 10. The council stressed that trips to the landfill during the cleanup will cost $5 per pickup load by private citizens.

- Approved the use of video equipment in police cars, targeted toward drunken drivers.

- Listened to concerns by Arley Wallace, council member, over illegally installed satellite TV dishes in the city. Wallace wants the city ordinance on the dishes to be enforced.

- Mayor Carol Bellmon said the city needs six citizens to attend a gang issue seminar Oct. 27-29 with council members and youths from the city. Volunteers should contact the mayor.

- Reported the state has recognized the new city policy of having emergency medical technicians at all youth football games.

- The Police Department reports good success with new Neighborhood Watch programs and wants other neighborhoods to organize and set up more watch districts.