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Former President George Bush renewed his criticism of any U.S. effort to invade Haiti - the only criticism he said he would make of President Clinton - as he appeared at a fund-raiser for Republican Gov. Pete Wilson.

"I've tried not to be a critic, but we do have a violent difference of opinion on Haiti," Bush said during a luncheon Monday at the DC-3 Flying Museum at Santa Monica Airport. "We should not confuse our support for democracy with our support for (exiled President Jean-Bertrand) Aristide, and I don't want to see the loss of one single U.S. soldier."Otherwise, Bush limited his remarks to praising Wilson, whose campaign he bolstered earlier in the year by hosting a Houston fund-raiser.

"Pete Wilson is a fighter," Bush said. "As I look out on the country . . . what I see are when problems need to be solved, it needs to be done on the state level. (Wilson) is absolutely right on his proposals on crime, immigration, welfare reform."

Bush said nothing about Wilson's Nov. 8 election opponent, state Treasurer Kathleen Brown.

But Wilson attacked Brown, questioning her sincerity in embracing the concerns of the middle class.

"All of a sudden, she has become a born-again champion of the middle class," Wilson said. "The middle class is concerned about the safety of their families. They want a criminal justice system that starts delivering justice for the victims, not the criminals."

Brown campaign spokesman John Whitehurst charging that Wilson's policies have hurt the middle class and contributed to 550,000 lost jobs.

The appearance by Bush, which raised between $600,000 and $700,000 for Wilson's campaign, highlighted the importance of California to both political parties.

Last week, first lady Hillary Clinton made an appearance for Brown, raising $500,000. Earlier this year, Vice President Al Gore appeared at another $1 million fund-raiser for Brown.

President Clinton is to be in Los Angeles on Sunday to raise another $1 million for her.