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Nevis, one of the Leeward Islands in the West Indies, has issued a set of eight stamps depicting some of the classic Hummel figurines manufactured by the Bavarian porcelain maker.

The five cents depicts "Umbrella Girl." The 25 cents shows "For Father." The 50 cents features "Apple Tree Girl." The 80 cents illustrates "March Winds." The $1 "Have the Sun in Your Heart." The $1.50 has "Blue Belle." The $2 depicts "Winter Fun." The $5 pictures "Apple Tree Boy."There are two souvenir sheets also released for the Hummel tribute. The first sheet shows the four lowest denomination designs, while the second sheet features the four highest denomination designs.

- THE EAST AFRICAN nation of Uganda pays tribute to World Meteorological Day with a set of six stamps and a souvenir sheet. World Meteorological Day is sponsored by the United Nations.

The 50 shillings shows a meteorological weather station in Uganda. The 200 shillings pictures the observatory at the training school at Entebbe. The 250 shillings depicts a satellite receiver at Uganda's Meteorological Center. The 300 shillings illustrates a man making a reading at the weather station. The 400 shillings has a view of an automatic weather station in Uganda. The 800 shillings shows destruction caused by a severe storm in Uganda.

The Nevis and Uganda stamps are available from your local stamp dealer or the InterGovernmental Philatelic Corp., 460 W. 34th St., New York, NY 10001.