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I followed the daily news reports during the last Olympics in Norway. There were enough negative comments to fill a page of the effects suffered by the townspeople, the whole area overrun with inconsiderate mobs of visitors.

We have withstood the enticements of many groups who refuse to hold their conventions here because of our restraints.To relax some of our laws as encouragement for the popularity, the prestige of having hosted such an event, the loss will be irreversible.

To cater to the demands of the thousands would be like the power of Niagara Falls to appease the wishes and practices of the world.

We surely do not want to lose all we have fought for these 100 years to maintain. The love of money would not reconcile the great loss we would suffer if we should bid on the Olympics - and win. Money or years could not repair the damage.

Jon Huntsman's warning gives me added hope we will not make a bid. He warns us that such a venture will open the door to "wolves" that will lay waste to our ideals.

Remember, we have withstood the enticements to be like neighboring states. Let us be different from the world as well.

If we should get the Olympics, we will lose much more than we will ever gain. Money isn't always happiness or success.

V.A. Stout

Salt Lake City