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This is an unsolicited suggestion for Karen Shepherd, who is trying to again deceive the voters of her district by seeming to distance herself from the failed Clinton policies, which most Utahns seem to abhor.

She could assure her victory by sharing one-half of her campaign contributions with Merrill Cook because a vote for Cook ends up being a vote for her by dividing the conservative vote in two.And this for Merrill Cook: Accept humbly that array of contributions from unions and special interest groups of the liberal left. Then give them to the campaign for Enid, withdraw from the race and spend your great energy and talent supporting a true conservative in this election.

We have seen in two or three tremendously important congressional votes how one vote can determine the outcome, hence the need to add one more anti-Clinton vote in Congress.

An appeal to the conservative voter: If Cook does not withdraw, please do not waste your vote on him and thus send Shepherd back for another term. We found out how this works when Perot divided the conservative vote and gave a 43 percent candidate the presidency.

Wayne Hansen