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If enough private funds can be raised, the city council will support the construction of a new baseball stadium at a downtown site in lieu of upgrading Serge Simmons Field.

But if fund-raising attempts fail, the Raptors' current West Ogden home is likely to become permanent, council members said Tuesday.The council confirmed it is not willing to spend more than the $750,000 it already has committed toward building a permanent facility for the Pioneer League team.

Last week, the council accepted for review a conceptual design from the firm Anderson DeBartolo Pan for a 5,000-seat stadium to be built on one of four proposed sites.

The firm estimated the plan would cost $5.2 million excluding land acquisition and some demolition.

The four locations include Serge Simmons Field and three downtown Iron Works parcels.

Mayor Glenn Mecham said the city will have a much better chance of attracting donors by honing in on a downtown site rather than entertaining thoughts of staying in West Ogden.