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Drug use around the nation is up, especially marijuana, which has gone "through the roof" among young people, according to a new survey.

The survey found the use of hallucinogens and heroin also up, while cocaine use has stabilized, even though there continued to be a high demand for crack.The survey was conducted by Abt Associates Inc. of Cambridge. Mass., for the federal Office of National Drug Control Policy.

The survey tracked drug-use patterns through interviews with drug researchers, epidemiologists, drug treatment providers and police.

The results found that marijuana use, particularly among teenagers and people in their 20s, was "going through the roof," and that the drug was often laced with other narcotics, such as heroin, cocaine and PCP. The supply of domestically grown marijuana was also on the rise, the survey said.

It also found that heroin use and availability continued to increase in the Northeast and Midwest, where the practice of inhaling high-quality heroin was increasingly reported.

Cocaine use has stabilized in most areas of the country and may even be on the decline, although police reported continued high demand for crack, the survey found.

Hallucinogens, referred to as "club drugs," were rising in popularity particularly among young, white users.