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I was very disappointed at the political show staged at the rededication of the City-County Building. The building became a backdrop for the recognition of politicians - politicians who had nothing to do with the fact that the building had been beautifully restored so that it could be rededicated for years to come.

The architect, Burtch W. Beall Jr., the man who is responsible for the restoration of the beauty and character of this building, was sitting in the audience and wasn't even recognized for what he had accomplished. The reconstruction in the hands of a less competent architect would have been a disaster. It was also commendable that he kept the project within budget.Structural engineer Edmund W. Allen should also have been commended for a remarkable job of making the building earthquake-safe. His work of installing the seismic isolators has been recognized as the first in a historical building in the world.

There was also no mention of the work of these men in the program.

I feel that Mayor Deedee Corradini owes a personal apology to the architect, in particular, as well as the engineer for the lack of recognition at the celebration and in the program for their outstanding work.

L.K. Irvine

Salt Lake City