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The Nevada Highway Patrol nabbed two teenage inmates in a stolen Utah State Prison van Wednesday evening following a 10-minute pursuit on Nevada SR-95.

A third youth was located approximately an hour later in Fallon, Nev. The three inmates, all from a Nevada youth detention facility, were in Utah on Tuesday to help fight the fire in Spanish Fork Canyon.Stationed at a camp in Mapleton, Utah County, they apparently left in the van Tuesday night while most of the firefighters were sleeping. The keys were left in the ignition of the vehicle, a standard procedure at fire camps in the event of an emergency.

Nevada police were tipped to the van's location Wednesday afternoon and soon spotted it traveling on SR-95 near Hawthorne, Mapleton Police Chief Bret Barney said.

Troopers set up a roadblock of spikes, causing the vehicle to run off the road. The two occupants fled on foot, Barney said, and were quickly apprehended. The van was not damaged.