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With the biennial ritual of an election just weeks away, the candidates for every office from school board to the U.S. Senate will be spending millions to convince voters that their record is good for Utah or that their opponent's record is bad.

The politically conservative climate of the 3rd Congressional District has traditionally fostered a prudent caution toward government, especially the federal government.Bill Clinton does not share the philosophy of limited government and individual sovereignty held by Utahns. As a state of rugged individualists, Utahns demonstrated their contempt for Clinton so much that he finished third in the 1992 presidential race.

The contempt for the Clinton administration has grown since the election. Ask ranchers in rural Utah and their ongoing battle with the BLM. Ask the growing number of parents home-schooling their children in Utah County and their ongoing battle with HR6 and Goals 2000. Ask the Utah County Commission about its ongoing battle with the EPA. Ask small-business operators about their feelings on the health-care proposals being debated in Congress.

The oxymoron of "conservative Democrat" has been engraved on Bill Orton's congressional offices for the past four years. He claims that, although a Democrat in a Republican district, his voting record reflects the views and philosophies of the 3rd Congressional District.

Orton has aligned himself with the Democratic majority and the Clinton administration for more than 60 percent of his votes. Orton has also helped to frustrate GOP legislation by voting almost 100 percent of the time with the Democratic majority by refusing to sign discharge petitions that would allow GOP-sponsored bills to reach the floor of the House.

A true conservative is vigilant if not prudent in the expansion of government intrusion in the lives of the people. Orton is neither vigilant nor prudent in his mandated call to stop the ever-expanding government intrusion in the lives of Utahns.

Samuel Tsugawa