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In seeking the most competitive rate for the electricity it uses, Utah State University is inviting statements of interest from providers of electrical power.

"We are interested in identifying parties willing to work with the university to acquire a reliable, competitive source of electric power," said USU President George H. Emert. "We will consider all options, including using more than one provider."The university recently gave notice of cancellation to Logan city, which has supplied the university's power based on an agreement signed in 1988. According to Emert, USU decided on the cancellation as a result of ongoing payments of more than a half million dollars a year more for power than could be obtained from a competitive vendor. The cancellation takes effect July 1995.

"We do have an obligation and responsibility to make this university as efficient as possible," said Emert. "We are growing rapidly and need more classrooms, teachers, dorm rooms and other services for our students. The savings will significantly help with some of these needs.

"We believe strongly that a healthy and growing university is good for Logan city. We want to be a responsible neighbor. We feel we owe it to all of Utah's taxpayers to get the best service for the money."

Emert said he encourages Logan city to participate and do its best to be competitive with other providers, adding that the university's goal is to get high-quality electric service at a competitive rate.

Following the statements of interest, the university will issue a formal request for proposals in December to those responding positively to the statement of interest.