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I am opposed to any type of government interference in the health-care industry. This type of interference has proved to be ineffective in every country in which it has been introduced.

What we need is exactly the opposite of what is being proposed, and that is no government interference so that the free enterprise system and the competitive market can work. It is the government that has caused most of the health-care problems in this nation, through government regulation. The government, especially the federal government, can't do as efficient a job as the private sector. It never has and it never will.They say that health care is a "right," and that this "right" should be granted and guaranteed by the government. I say that health care is not a God-given right, just like owning a home or a car is not a God-given right. Not only do I believe that health care is not a right, but I also believe that any time the government grants a "right" to its citizens, that government can take away those "rights," and at any time.

Those that support this type of legislation will be helping to change this great Republic into a non-free Socialist country, and non-free means slavery.

Mark R. Hunter